Letters to the Editor

GOP finger-pointing won't solve our problems

The Jan. 3 headline in the Packet read, "New Congress looks to set long-lasting tone: Republicans hopeful efforts will influence 2012 election."

The balance of the article dealt with Republican promises to cut spending, undo the health care law and "hold investigations and hearings on the president's programs and policies."

Republicans in the House will vote to repeal the new health care law. The vote will be an empty gesture, with little chance of getting through the Senate and facing a certain presidential veto if it does.

A CNN poll, dated Dec. 19, found that while a majority of Americans oppose the law, some of that opposition is from those who said the law is not liberal enough. Only 37 percent said they opposed the law because it's too liberal.

Republicans have done a lot of talking about cutting spending, but as the article pointed out, most of the government spending is "politically untouchable."

Nobody liked all they heard when President Barack Obama's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform released recommendations outlining tough choices that must be made in order to shrink the federal debt, including tax hikes, spending cuts and changes to the third rails of American politics, Medicare and Social Security.

The promised "witch hunts" into the president's "programs and policies" are likely to involve a lot of finger pointing, but do little to resolve the nations problems.

The party of "no" still seems to have no new ideas. They certainly seem to be more interested in winning in the 2012 election than in governing in 2011.

Frank FlaumenhaftHilton Head Island