Letters to the Editor

Democrats, Obama need to compromise, not GOP

President Barack Obama used his New Year's Day weekly radio address to urge incoming Congressional Republicans to compromise and lectured them on their "shared responsibility."

As he has so often in the past, he promised to listen to their ideas. Of course, he and his allies rejected nearly all GOP ideas over the past two years.

I'm reminded of what former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of President George W. Bush before the 2006 election, which gave Democrats control of the House: "Our plan is stop him. He must be stopped."

Voters gave Democrats that opportunity in 2006 and rewarded them again in 2008.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, and the voters have given the Republicans the most sweeping mid-term election victory in my lifetime. The message from that election was to stop Obama and undo the excesses of Democratic rule.

Voters expect that House Republicans will do all within their power to repeal the worst of the Obama agenda, including the health care reform law, roll back the massive spending increases and curtail the Obama administration's job-killing, unconstitutional regulatory overreach.

This does not mean Republicans should not work with Democrats on common issues.

I expect a great number of Democrats up for election in 2012 will want to join us as we prune back the worst of the last two years.

But the only compromise that should be considered now is Obama and his fellow Democrats compromising with the GOP.

Michael Miller Moss Creek