Letters to the Editor

Where does vehicle boot fit into towing regulations?

Common sense and concern by all citizens should hasten the day here in Beaufort County when towing companies are regulated, as it would appear they are not at present.

But your editorial on this issue, although very well written, misses the point in the tragic Olivera case: There was no towing involved. There was in fact a boot placed on the Olivera vehicle, which was intended to prevent the vehicle from being moved.

Where does the boot fit into the towing scheme? If the purpose of towing is to move vehicles that are blocking the narrow roads, why is booting a vehicle permitted? In fact, is placing a boot on a vehicle, rendering it inoperable and unable to move, enforcing a no parking regulation? If so, how? Is it legal to incapacitate a vehicle? Does either county law or state law permit private towing companies to place boots on vehicles?

Are towing fees regulated in Beaufort County or the town of Bluffton, and if not, why not? Is there a sound legal reason? It is impossible to think that the subject matter was never brought to the attention of our local government officials and elected representatives.

Charles N. Rudesyle Bluffton