Letters to the Editor

We must act to defuse ticking energy time bomb

Preoccupied with concerns for jobs and the economy, particularly deficits, we are not giving needed concern for one of the main root causes of our woes: imported oil. Just as running up a balance on a credit card will hit you in the future, our energy situation will hit us in the very near future -- a ticking time bomb.

Imported oil costs us a billion dollars a day. We have no energy policy or effective programs to rein this in, and it will explode on us soon. Experts forecast $100 per barrel oil in a matter of weeks and a lot higher in 2011.

At the federal level with Washington gridlock, expect nothing. But much can be done at the state level. Electric cars are coming along rapidly; we could have a South Carolina program. Other options are out there, but there must be a will to go forward and state-level support.

If we do not do something now about the energy situation, our economic problems will only increase. OPEC will get richer, and we all will lose. Time is running out.

James R. RoneyBluffton