Letters to the Editor

Stick to facts in criticism of Obama's performance

In a letter published Dec. 30, a writer states President Barack Obama's low approval ratings are of his own doing.

She says in one paragraph: "He is governing against the will of the people as evidenced by the failure of his $1 trillion stimulus package and his overwhelmingly unpopular health care plan, which caused 20 states to sue because it is unconstitutional."

Though I am always interested in other people's opinions, in this paragraph alone, there are two major errors. First, the stimulus package of November 2009 was not for $1 trillion, but for $787 billion. That difference of $213 billion is not chicken feed. Second, a federal law is not unconstitutional because 20 state attorneys general believe it to be unconstitutional. It is only unconstitutional when the United States Supreme Court determines that to be the case by a majority vote of the nine justices.

Incidentally, if one goes to the website www.arra.sc.gov and reviews the distribution of the $1.1 billion in stimulus money in South Carolina as of this September, I don't think that the almost 2,000 people in state education (teachers, etc.) whose jobs were retained or initiated as a result would consider the stimulus a failure.

James Pegolotti