Letters to the Editor

Investment in theater good for Hilton Head

Once again, the Hilton Head Island Advisory Tax Committee has recommended that the S.C. Repertory Company receive no accommodations tax support this year.

We hope that once again, when Town Council meets to consider the issue, reason will prevail and the funding of arts venues, such as the Repertory Company, will continue.

Before we retired and moved to Hilton Head nine years ago, we vacationed in and visited numerous other beach communities and other places popular with retirees. The tie-breaker for us was the presence of so many wonderful cultural and arts-related attractions.

Hilton Head is blessed not only with the repertory company, the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina and other theater companies, but also with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, art exhibits and other events at Honey Horn, and seasonal and ethnic festivals. There is no other community in this part of the country that can measure up.

We must do our best not to lose any of our cultural entities.

We have numerous friends who feel the same.

Knowing the nature of live theater production at small venues and the high costs associated with them, it is clear that other revenue sources are vital. The Repertory Company is a net plus for Hilton Head, and we are certain that the spin-off business (restaurant meals, hotel stays, etc.) from its patrons more than make up for the town's support.

Charles and Cookie Varner Hilton Head Island