Letters to the Editor

Hilton Head would be better without airport

I moved to Hilton Head Island because of the quiet, scenery and pleasant environment.

To a recent letter writer: No, the airport expansion is not a racial or church question; nor is it a real estate development issue. It is a quality-of-life issue.

Who in their right mind would try to squish a large airport onto a tiny island? As it is, you can practically reach up and touch the airplanes as they land and take off from the airport. I live on the island, not on land surrounding the airport, but I am not one of the rich people who have no concern whatsoever for their neighbors. I am against enlarging the airport and would love to have it removed (and perhaps replaced with a park and garden with walking and biking trails). There are people in the higher echelons of the community who have a lot of pull and who don't give a hoot about the rest of us.

Enlarging an airport in the center of a community of homes is ludicrous. The air pollution makes the whole area smell for miles around. The sound pollution is horrific. The safety concerns are outrageous. This is a life-or-death issue as the planes fly constantly right over our homes and the landing patterns become larger.

A moratorium should be called on this project and a public vote taken. Common sense should tell you that expansion does not mean improvement and that we will all profit aesthetically, physically and mentally without it.

Edna Coombs

Hilton Head Island