Letters to the Editor

New signs out of place in Hilton Head landscape

Did the powers that be, those who decide the look that defines Hilton Head Island, recently go on vacation?

I am referring to the new street signs that are being put up around the island. Was the design a reject from Telluride, Colo.? These signs certainly don't look like they belong on Hilton Head. There are several designers on Hilton Head who have helped define the graceful landscape here with tasteful designs and colors. I can't believe they were consulted when the job to create a new signage system was conceived.

The signs are massively top heavy, oversized for the post, unfinished and more often than not crooked. How deformed are these blots on the landscape going to be when they begin to weather? Who is going to pay to replace them?

We won't have to worry about turning Hilton Head into another Myrtle Beach. It seems to be heading south.

Michael Novitski Hilton Head Island