Letters to the Editor

Simpson on public dole more than SS recipients

The Dec. 5 editorial cartoon showed Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, co-chairmen of President Barack Obama's deficit cutting commission.

Simpson, the son of a U.S. senator, is a child of privilege, whose father gave him every advantage.

After his discharge from the Army, Simpson chose to work in the field of "public service," beginning as a humble assistant attorney general for Wyoming, then a state representative for 13 years, and then U.S. senator.

All of Simpson's salaries have been paid by taxpayers, and now as a retired U.S. senator of 18 years, his state and government pensions total almost $100,000 a year, which amount to almost $19,000 a month, or more than most recipients on Social Security receive in a year.

Simpson's idea to help reduce the deficit is to reduce Social Security benefits. Over the years, we have "borrowed" from the Social Security trust fund, giving it IOUs from the U.S. Treasury that the government can't repay. Simpson wants the government to default on these IOUs.

He regards Social Security recipients as "greedy geezers." He's just the person the president would appoint to a commission that would cut back Social Security benefits to save money.

But with his lavish government pensions, you notice Simpson isn't cutting back the pensions of federal employees on all levels.

Simpson is the poster boy for term limits for Congress, the Supreme Court and federal judges and for merging federal pensions under Social Security.

George Breslaw Hilton Head Island