Letters to the Editor

Mess with senior voters and pay a political price

According to the Consumer Price Index published by the U.S. Department of Labor, there was no rise in the cost of living in 2010 and no increase in Social Security.

Please tell me we are just dreaming about the increases we see in our Medicare and prescription drug coverage, as well as our supplemental insurance and out-of-pocket expenses. Are these numbers calculated in the CPI?

How about the cost of gasoline for our cars? Maybe the Labor Department people haven't gone food shopping lately or put gas in their cars. Or maybe the government subsidizes their heating or electric bills. They should stop crunching numbers all day and get out in the real world to see what the cost of living is really like.

And, where are we supposed to get more money when interest rates are practically zero percent, and we can't get a decent return on our hard-earned savings?

The politicians in Washington need to understand that they are messing with the wrong group of people. Senior citizens are smart and have a great deal of wisdom and are now the largest segment of the voting population, with plenty of time on our hands to keep up with politics and politicians.

We need to present a united message to Washington in 2011: Stop screwing the older folks in America. Start listening to us, or we'll vote you out of office.

Pearce W. Hammond