Letters to the Editor

Logan staying in office worrisome for county

I am very concerned as a taxpayer that we are still allowing Joy Logan to be in charge of the Beaufort County Treasurer's Office -- handling our hard-earned money until July 1.

I have been reading of the audits and discrepancies found in the office. My concern is why we can't get an executive order to remove her before July 1, so that treasurer-elect Doug Henderson can get to the job at hand and get us on track.

We must clean house. Twenty years is long enough for all these deficiencies to go on.

By the way, I do not know if Logan is going to receive a pension. But in my opinion, the $210,000 taken from taxpayers under her tenure should be deducted from any pension because of mismanagement.

She still is giving excuses even after she lost the race. The people have spoken; it's time for her to leave and let Henderson get into office, straighten it out and get some checks and balances in place.

There has to be a law on the South Carolina books that can remove her prior to her term ending.

Charles Kaminowitz Sun City Hilton Head