Letters to the Editor

Washington ruling class must heed voter message

Conservatives, led by the tea party movement, and others who feared liberal progressive ideologies won Nov. 2.

What is not being told by the biased media, is that Republicans won by huge historical numbers. And not just in Congress, but in governorships and state legislatures all over America.

America always has been a center-right country. Contrary to what many liberal letter writers wish to convince us, Americans always have believed in freedom, individual rights and capitalism. In our hearts, we all instinctively know what is best for our well-being.

However Democrats might wish to parse their words, President Barack Obama's agenda was the issue in this election, and he was overwhelmingly defeated. Americans do not want a socialist form of government however it might be defined. Obama warned us, even before he was elected, that he did not like American exceptionalism. I think he truly believes that business and industry are evil. Unfortunately, he just does not get it.

So it begs the question, "What next?" Will the ruling class in Washington continue to believe that they and only they know what is best for America? Or will they finally get the message that Americans want less government and far more individual freedoms?

This next Congress has less than two years to get the message. The next meaningful election in South Carolina is in June (not November) 2012 when we will determine who might be best qualified to represent our interests.

Let us hope and pray they get it right.

Tom HatfieldHilton Head Island