Letters to the Editor

Beaufort High Eagles winners on and off field

It is a tradition at Beaufort High School to join the football team on the field after a game, no matter what the outcome. Well, we weren't allowed to do so at Goose Creek High.

Even so, I decided to wait, fully expecting the majority of the crowd to depart. We live in a world where loyalty is almost a foreign language. Much to my surprise, I was dead wrong.

A throng of Beaufort High football fans stayed and cheered. It was an honor to stand among that raucous crowd and be counted as one of them. Some may ask what was there to wait around for; the short answer is "the boys."

For those of you who know them, you need no other explanation.

For those of you who do not know the Eagles, let me say that there are not enough adjectives to describe the quality of young men they are. There isn't one among them I wouldn't have over for dinner. These young men do not merely possess good manners, but they are the embodiment of character.

Agustin Martinez Jr. Beaufort