Letters to the Editor

Democrats accomplished a lot in 111th Congress

Democrats are disheartened by the recent election results. The Republican's spin machine was able to paint President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress as tax-and-spend and out of control.

I call it a Democratic Congress because the 111th Congress had Republicans who contributed absolutely nothing to solving the country's problems that were created by those same Republicans in the previous administration.

The record of the 111th Congress is actually quite impressive, with the health care law topping a long list of accomplishments. Republicans say they will cancel the bill after the 2012 election. Strangely, 65 percent of Americans do not want it canceled.

Other new laws will regulate Wall Street derivatives and the banks, so that the mortgage meltdown will not recur.

The stimulus program provided expansion of Medicaid, food stamps, tax cuts and an unemployment insurance extension for millions of Americans. There are 175,000 infrastructure projects that are just getting started that will provide jobs. Other notable actions include "Rise to the Top" in education, the Children's Health Insurance Program, the Fair Pay Act and expanded veterans benefits.

The 111th Congress, with no help from congressional Republicans, managed to enact legislation for the people. When the Republicans controlled Congress under Bush, they managed to start a war in the wrong country and pass legislation to benefit fat cats.

Philip W. WolfeBluffton