Letters to the Editor

Spending, big and small, must be better controlled

Headlines do not deceive; they are printed in newspapers and therefore must be true.

Headlines and stories that are missing are my major concern. I did not see a headline or story counting the number of dollars President Barack Obama has spent on his most recent overseas trip. It probably would have helped to balance the budget if we had not spent it. It could even have been used to give Social Security recipients a modest increase. No, we spent it to validate India, to have Obama return to his former home (the most Muslim nation on Earth) and to miss an opportunity to denounce jihad.

The attitude about presidential travel, the speaker of the House's Air Force jet, earmarks (only $16 billion, a small part of our budget) and unabated spending while Rome (our economy) burns must change. We have all learned that fiscal responsibility is necessary in our own homes. Why have our president and legislators not yet learned that lesson?

The recent election sent a message. Now we the people need to monitor the adherence to the message by those in office. Do not be silent if your mandate is not acted upon.

Pete UngaroHilton Head Island