Letters to the Editor

School board wastes money on media room

While a grant for $700,000 enriches the math program of the county, another nearly half a million dollars is leaking out the back door for an unnecessary media studio for the school board.

Certainly, it is good to be able to watch school board meetings; however, in this era of hand-held cameras and informal filming, the public has no need for high-quality filming of these meetings.

Money is tight; programs are being cut that enrich school for children. How far would half a million dollars go toward addressing the emotional needs of children who make teaching and learning difficult?

We should be more concerned for the quality of the learning experience than the quality of the media room to stream school board meetings online. If an out-of-work family decided to install a fancy media room in their home, we would be astounded. Basically, that is what the board is doing. More oversight into this use of school money is called for.

Martha ScheinBeaufort