Letters to the Editor

Campaign funds could be put to better use

We live in interesting times. The two runoff candidates for mayor of Hilton Head Island raised a total of more than $62,000 to persuade people to vote for them.

However, this is little more than a drop in a very large bucket when we look at the $4 billion candidates raised and spent in the recent national elections. I cannot help but wonder what more useful purpose this money could have been put to, such as assisting people who are threatened by foreclosure or helping our nation's schools improve their services.

Another useful expenditure would be to provide additional assistance to our wounded veterans. We have more than 700,000 under medical treatment. It might also be used to help Americans who have run out of unemployment benefits or Americans who face medical bills they cannot pay.

The real question must be that if our political masters can raise and spend $4 billion on a midterm election, how much will they raise and spend in two years time when the top job is open for contest. (Inflation seems to have taken its toll in 2010; they only spent $2.6 billion four years ago.)

I feel obliged to ask why it takes such money to elect our political representatives. I would go further and say it would be more productive if such donations were used to help our country, especially in the present economic circumstances. It seems that the desire to get elected overrides all other values.

Geoff WheatleyHilton Head Island