Letters to the Editor

SC will continue race to bottom with Haley

In almost every significant category in which comparisons are made among the 50 states, South Carolina ranks near the bottom of the barrel.

That is not by misfortune; that is by choice. As long as the residents of South Carolina keep electing the likes of Jim DeMint, Joe Wilson and Nikki Haley, the state will continue to rank well behind most others. Making the same choices while expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

This year, The Island Packet opted for the first time to endorse political candidates, and it could not have made more detrimental selections than the candidates it endorsed.

Of particular concern was its endorsement of Haley over the truly outstanding Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Vincent Sheheen. Ignoring the endorsement of Sheheen by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and various state Republican leaders, the Packet chose to endorse Haley.

As if the past eight years of Gov. Mark Sanford were not enough, the Packet opted to endorse a candidate who also has questionable morals and one who will continue the tradition of Sanford's polarization politics.

During the next four years with this new governor, South Carolina will continue its race to the bottom of the barrel, and unfortunately, Haley will bring as much embarrassment to the state as Sanford. But that sort of news sells papers, and maybe that is what the Packet was looking for with its pathetic endorsements.

Tony AmadeoSun City Hilton Head