Letters to the Editor

GOP long on promises, short on specific ideas

The election is over and the Republicans won. Democrats lost because President Barack Obama and his party failed to deliver on their promises to greatly improve the economy in general and particularly on their promises to greatly reduce the unemployment rate.

Now the Republicans have the ball. What are they going to do with it? Their stated goals are to improve the economy and reduce unemployment and the deficit.

How are they going to do this? They tell us the economy will be improved by reducing both taxes and spending.

Cutting taxes is easy. It looks like their first play is going to be a pass -- that is a pass on letting the wealthiest have their income tax rates return to the pre-Bush administration levels. That is sure to help the rich, who have done amazingly well since the start of Ronald Reagan's "greed is good" era.

They are a lot less specific about how to reduce spending and unemployment. To find specific proposals, I looked up House Republican Leader John Boehner's website: gopleader.gov/news/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=209666.

There is a lot about changes in the process, but I sure couldn't find any specific spending cuts there.

I have heard absolutely nothing about how to replace all the manufacturing and "call center" jobs that have been lost to lower-cost countries, or the high tech jobs that are increasingly leaving the U.S.

Frank Flaumenhaft Hilton Head Island