Letters to the Editor

Lawsuits prove no one is responsible anymore

I thought I had seen it all. But I was mistaken. The front page of The Beaufort Gazette on Nov. 12 blared out: "Student's family suing district."

Among other things, the story stated: "An everyday playground accident could make it harder for a boy in elementary school to earn a living when he grows up." It states the accident resulted in more than $41,000 in medical bills. The boy suffered mental anguish and emotional distress. Of course, the parents are due money because of the loss of his contribution to the household, whatever that means.

When will it stop? Part of the problem is that no one is responsible anymore. Anything and everything is always somebody else's fault. How can you say that the child's earning capacity would be affected when he's 6?

My wife and I have four children. All were exposed to potential problems that we thought were part of growing up. Our daughter fell and broke her arm during a school field day. We left the next week for a vacation at the seashore. We wrapped her arm in plastic so she could enjoy the surf. Today, she has a master's degree in public health and is the program director for the Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative.

Our son fell and broke his arm playing touch football at school. He doesn't seem to have suffered emotionally or physically given that he is now a senior partner in a four-doctor surgical practice. He has to use his hands and arms.

Warren RoseBeaufort