Letters to the Editor

Orchestra board turns a deaf ear to concerns

The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra board's "response" to legitimate concerns makes it abundantly clear it has chosen to ignore a key principle of good governance: Any board, but especially an unelected one, must actively seek out the consent of its constituency - in this case, the music-loving community of the island.

The board of directors' behavior and response to the outcry have been dismissive: There is nothing to discuss because the orchestra is our private fiefdom to deal with as we wish.

If - repeat if - the objective truly is to restore the symphony's finances, we have a couple of questions. What is the current cost breakdown, including administrative salaries? Or is that a secret? (No need to respond to that; we know the answer.) And has the board ever examined the possibility of making greater use of the vast pool of dedicated volunteers and supporters to save on these costs before lopping off the organization's artistic head?

The orchestra will get no more contributions from us (above ticket costs) until there has been a change of attitude from arrogance to a willingness to work with the community.

Thomas PopeElsa Mae TroehHilton Head Island