Letters to the Editor

F-35B alternative would hurt quality of life

The Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce is bribing people to say they want the F-35B alternative with the most noise and fewest permanent jobs. Those who log comments on its Facebook page are eligible for weekly drawings of $50 in gift certificates from local businesses.

You can win $50 if you don't care about the risk of hearing loss, never being able to sell your home, the loss of permanent jobs and tourism or the endangered wood stork.

I wonder if our elected officials have read the final environmental impact statement. In the appendix it states, "measured F-35B noise data does not yet exist"; "45 percent of the total affected population is minority"; and if the louder planes mean your Realtor has to disclose potential hearing loss, the Marine Corps "does not plan to compensate property owners."

The chamber's claim of economic spin-off is news to the Marines: "Non-military personnel changes cannot be predicted with any fidelity at this time." And just like before, there is no fairy godmother. "There is no operational requirement for an auxiliary landing field," and they aren't going to create one just for us.

If your quality of life is worth more than $50, say so by commenting on the final EIS at www.usmcJSFeast.com or send a letter: USMC F35 East Coast Basing EIS, P.O. Box 56488, Jacksonville, FL 32241-6488.

Gary GeboyBeaufort