Letters to the Editor

By working together, parking can be solved

Residents of The Point neighborhood in Beaufort welcome everyone -- downtown shoppers, tourists, locals walking their dogs, walking tours, ghost tours and carriage tours.

Our neighborhood provides overflow parking during special events. We also aspire to have parking space available along our streets for guests visiting us, contractors who might be working at our homes, deliveries and emergency vehicles when needed. Unfortunately, on certain blocks of New Street and Port Republic Street, this right is denied to the community.

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, certain downtown employees park their cars and trucks along these streets for free all day. They maintain it is a public street, and they are entitled to do so. In essence, they have turned the street into a gated community for themselves.

Residents on these streets have submitted a request to City Council for some sort of relief. Main Street Beaufort, USA and downtown merchants have had similar problems with employee parking, resulting in the new parking initiative that is causing some public discontent. Employees deserve a safe, convenient and affordable place to park.

City Council has designated a special workshop to come up with a solution to this complex problem. Working together as a community -- business owners, employees, residents and the city -- we can solve this issue to everyone's satisfaction.

Paul Michau, presidentThe PointNeighborhood AssociationBeaufort