Letters to the Editor

Obama's tax proposal missing before election

On the front page of the Sunday Island Packet was a McClatchy-Tribune News Service story on Sen. Jim DeMint. However, I think the real story was hidden away on page 7A, "Obama to GOP: Let's extend tax cuts."

President Barack Obama is presented as appealing to Republicans to go along with his plan. And yet -- and this is a very big and yet -- Obama's party controlled both the House of Representatives and the Senate before this past election, and he could easily have made this proposal at that time. No opposition from the Republicans could have stopped the proposal. So the question is why did Obama wait until after the election to make this proposal?

The story, which is by The Associated Press, doesn't discuss this point. One can conclude that if the election maintained the existing political party control that we would not be hearing this proposal now. In reality, the Democrats do not favor continuing the present tax rates, but really prefer to have the rates increase.

And lastly, the AP article continues the spin line in calling the proposal a tax cut. It is nothing of the sort. By extending the current tax law the rates simply stay the same. By not continuing the current tax law the rates increase. So in reality, it is a possible tax increase that is being discussed. And maybe that is why Obama did not present his real wishes before the recent election. It does appear we continue to have the liberal media voicing the Democratic spin.

Sidney EtkinBluffton