Letters to the Editor

Local councils should understand the noise

I totally agree with Charles N. Davis' response to your Oct. 21 editorial in regard to the F-35B noise.

I am proud to have married into a Marine family and have neighbors who are Marines, many of them pilots. When we moved to my neighborhood we signed an agreement that showed we had been told that we were in the flight path of the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. When the planes go over, many of us say that is the "sound of freedom."

However, there is a crucial difference between the planes we have now and the ones that are proposed to come here, as well as the number of flights. My recommendation is that the Beaufort City Council and Beaufort County Council make themselves available to observe and hear the sound of the F-35B, not just once but repeated takeoffs and landings, so they can make a responsible and fair decision on which proposal is best for Beaufort, now and forever.

They also should be working with the military and campaigning for an outlying practice field if we have to have the training squadrons. Beaufort has been cited many times for being a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

I believe if the proposal that the local elected councils are supporting goes through, the essence of Beaufort and the Lowcountry will be lost forever, if not drowned out by the unbearable, repeated noise of the planes.

Genie Annino StegerBeaufort