Letters to the Editor

Estate at Westbury sees no need for another gate

The Estate at Westbury homeowners association board was contacted in late 2009 by the Westbury Park association regarding installation of a traffic-pedestrian entry in the rear of our community. The board considered the negative impact of the gate and rejected the proposal.

Without any further communication to the association, the Westbury Park association presented its proposal for a back gate to the Beaufort County Council; the association alluded to problems with hurricane evacuation and emergency vehicles but did not have documentation to support this concern.

Presently, residents of the Estate at Westbury have direct entry to our community through security gates on Buck Island Road and from U.S. 278 onto Kensington Boulevard.

The gates are maintained by the Westbury Park association; for this, we pay the association $89,856 annually. We have endured poor maintenance, interruption in service and inconsistent management of the gate entrance. We do not want to increase dependency on the Westbury Park association to take care of yet another gate.

The Estate at Westbury has the responsibility to maintain the community welfare for its property owners. A back gate will increase traffic from those seeking a shortcut to U.S. 278, cause additional maintenance of our roads and reduce property value. We have not received any notice of concern from the county emergency service providers and have not had any requests from our owners to consider another gate to the property.

Our board of directors informed me that they are not in favor of the proposed gate.

Jaziel GreenAssociation managerEstate at WestburyBluffton