Letters to the Editor

Mayoral race a breath of political fresh air

What a refreshing breath of air we experienced with the recent (and now ongoing) campaign for mayor of Hilton Head Island.

In the midst of the national sea of political toxicity, we were treated to a campaign of issues and priorities all discussed in a sober and gentlemanly fashion by all the candidates. Fortunately, we were blessed to have a number of excellent choices when we went into the voting booths -- not a "lesser of two evils" option with which we are often confronted -- and we owe a note of thanks to each of the candidates who offered themselves for the office.

I am convinced that whoever wins the runoff, either Drew Laughlin or Tom Crews, we will have a terrific next mayor. Again, on behalf of the entire town, thanks to all of you for your candidacy and the campaign.

David LeiningerHilton Head Island