Letters to the Editor

Ethics, accountability left out of endorsement

I'm politically independent. After The Island Packet endorsed Nikki Haley, I wrote a letter expressing disappointment, stating the paper missed an opportunity to make a statement. My letter was about ethics. I pointed out that the same edition documented Haley's history of questionable consulting fees and fundraising, commenting "it would make Charlie Rangel proud." I asked what the Greatest Generation would think of Haley's cavalier, almost joking at Sun City Hilton Head about her failure to pay personal and withholding taxes. I also suggested we strike integrity and ethics from the English language, calling them vestigial and not a priority with the Packet editorial staff.

My letter was not published. After the election, I was told publishing letters criticizing or praising the endorsements "would be in effect endorsement letters for a candidate, and we don't publish candidate endorsement letters on the opinion page."

It's interesting the Packet allows writers to make categorical endorsements for all Republicans (such as Joy Logan) or all Democrats (such as Alvin Greene), but my letter was excluded. Like Rodney Dangerfield, we independents get no respect.

Be it sports, business or politics, bad character usually resurfaces. Principles are binary: You either have them or you don't. That's my concern. If I must choose between ideology and ethics, ethics wins every time. To the gentlemen who correctly ridiculed Democrats who voted for Alvin Greene, I feel the same way about Republicans who voted for Haley.

Let's hope the Packet considers ethics when making future endorsements.

Jon PelusoSun City Hilton Head