Letters to the Editor

Voters put America back into same mess

American citizens, I among them, tend to believe that government is essentially corrupt and oppressive and that anyone of substance should keep it under hawk-like scrutiny. I'm trying. But putting the same people back in public office, what do you expect?

Congratulations, voters of America. I say that with sarcasm because in the land of the "quick fix," you've struck again by putting those who got us into this economic mess back in office. Yes, it's the voters who are responsible for our tragic state of affairs. Your greed and selfishness in the past and lack of knowledge about Congress in general will now provide two more years of arguing and wasting time to nullify what the current administration accomplished.

My wife and I, along with about 45 million others who almost had health care, will be without it in the never-ending battle of the blowhards in Washington, D.C., the "district of clowns."

Your knee-jerk reaction in this latest election will prove yet another downfall for America. Now two more years of negativity, posturing and sound bites will be our legacy. I'm sure the "fourth estate" will see to that.

President Barack Obama deserves some credit for his accomplishments. I may not agree with all his policies, but he's still the sitting president of a once united nation and merits more than a passing jibe.

I say, "the fox is in the hen house" yet again. How soon we -- no, you -- forget.

Sanity has left the building.

Joseph W. James IIIBeaufort