Letters to the Editor

Dangerous to lay all blame at Israel's feet

The senseless, horrific attack by Islamic extremists that killed 58 people in a Catholic church, including two priests, and injured scores more, throws into stark relief the picture of our world today.

Recently, the pope received, without comment, the report of his Middle East Synod of Bishops, urgently called to investigate and reverse the causes behind the diminishing numbers of Christians in the Middle East. Despite the fact that the most marked drop in numbers occurred in Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq, the Synod's report placed the overwhelming responsibility for Christian emigration on Israel's role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"We have taken account of the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the whole region ... one cannot use the theme of the Promised Land to justify the return of Jews to Israel."

This sop to the Muslim and Arab world did nothing to prevent the attack in Baghdad. It did not help when one Christian parliamentarian blamed the police raid as "a hasty action that prompted the terrorists to kill the worshippers." It wasn't the terrorists' fault.

It has, however, encouraged the current trend in leadership of Christian churches of various denominations, as well as by governments and societies around the world, even in America, to turn a blind eye, or at worst, consider it no more than a misdemeanor, when all the ills of the world are blamed on the singular Jewish state on earth, when Jews are once again attacked simply for being Jews.

We have seen this before. We know where it leads.

William BilekHilton Head Island