Letters to the Editor

Obama now forced to live up to promises

Barack Hussein Obama ran for office making many promises. Race wasn't to be a litmus test, yet using his middle name was? Health care debates were to be televised, and Obama was going through the budget "line by line." Obama blamed Republicans for increasing deficits; yet, then-Sen. Obama voted for every deficit he blamed Republicans for creating.

But the most interesting promise was Obama's call for bipartisanship. To date, while Obama has called Republicans the party of "no," his majorities in both houses of Congress mask this obviously specious accusation.

But Tuesday's election results will force Obama to actually deal with his bipartisanship promise. True bipartisanship never meant Obama's way or the highway.

My take? Obama stated a few days ago that a Republican victory will bring "hand-to-hand combat" and that Republicans are the "enemy." He has refused to work with Republicans on anything. I doubt his arrogance will allow it now. Fascinating when you look back and realize that candidate Obama was a centrist, while President Obama is a radical leftist.

But these incoming Republicans will not roll over.

I expect Obama will use his government union goons to close government. He will blame Republicans for no Social Security checks, late Medicare payments, no passports and so on. The government-worker unions owe Obama. Chicago politics will rule from the White House.

Yet the resulting gridlock will have its benefits, stopping reckless spending being the greatest. Balanced power -- a wonderful American tradition.

Mark GeneralesBeaufort