Letters to the Editor

Remember everything downtown Beaufort offers

I recently had the opportunity to spend most of a day in Savannah, something I haven't had a chance to do in the 15 years I've lived here. As I was walking around downtown looking at all the shops, it reminded me why I love Beaufort so much. We're not as big as Savannah, thank goodness, but what we offer to tourists and our community is so much better. We have a great selection of different shops, ranging from an old-fashioned candy store to an upscale linens shop, resort and beach wear to top-of-the line women's and men's clothing. We have two great footwear shops. Home decor, jewelry, souvenirs and skateboard-surfing are a few more of our specialties. We have great places to eat. You can dine inside or outside, dress up or dress down, spend a little or splurge. You have your choice of coffee houses or a bagel shop. You can visit an old-fashioned ice cream shop, get a cone and stroll hand-in-hand down to our beautiful Waterfront Park. You can sit and swing and look out over the Beaufort River, watching the boat traffic, kids playing or people fishing. You can enjoy music, a movie or a live play in the park. We are so lucky to live here. So give us a try. I know the parking has gone up, but what we get in return is so much more. Remember, the money we get from parking helps keep our city clean and welcoming. Gail Edwards, owner Boondoggles Beaufort