Letters to the Editor

Democratic candidates merit consideration

What is ahead for Democrats in South Carolina?

In the recent election, I believe we had the best slate of statewide candidates we could have offered. State Sen. Vincent Sheheen is one of the finest moderate legislators and leaders that we could have presented for office. Recommended by conservative media outlets in Charleston, Columbia, Aiken, Florence and Greenville, but repudiated in a sophomoric editorial by this newspaper, Vincent soldiered on in a competent, positive and gracious campaign that exemplified his readiness for governing our state.

I have worked with the hundreds of dedicated Beaufort County volunteers who labored mightily to elect this first-rate group of Democrats. To them I say, your work was not in vain, but typifies what Democrats believe in and strive for.

I congratulate the Republican victors, but urge you to take full responsibility in turning our wonderful state from an economic and educational abyss into a flourishing success story.

To my fellow voters, I sincerely ask you to forego your generational bias against Democrats, for real or perceived reasons, and look at our individual candidates and square them against their Republican foes. I guarantee you that I will seek the finest citizens to run for office under the Democratic banner if you will sincerely measure their qualifications against their Republican opponents and vote accordingly.

Blaine Lotz, chairmanBeaufort CountyDemocratic PartyHilton Head Island