Letters to the Editor

Pines, laurel oaks don't need protection

In response to the Oct. 25 headline -- "Who is in charge of the county's trees?" -- the correct answer in most cases should be, "Whoever owns them." I am certain the Pleasant Point resident is sincere in her love of trees, but she must realize that people have the right to maintain and manage their own land within reasonable limits. Ninety-nine percent of the trees removed in Beaufort County are pines or laurel oaks. This summer, I couldn't keep a set schedule because these trees were falling, or near a home and at risk of falling, every day. Most trees fall as a result of an average rainfall. Imagine a tropical storm coming through and the damage this could cause to people, homes and personal property. Commercial interests are removing hundreds of pines at any given time in Beaufort County. Is it fair that a homeowner must jump through hoops to remove a tree that is threatening his or her home and family? Protecting pines in Beaufort County is like protecting corn in Kansas. And laurel oaks are just not adapted for city life. They're great in the woods, where they serve their purpose of becoming homes for wildlife, or fall and become nutrients for the rest of the forest. Most people live in the county -- not the city, towns or gated communities -- for a reason. They purchase their land and homes to make it "their own" and don't wish to have their lives and property micromanaged. Bob Karr Action Tree Service