Letters to the Editor

Question is court records, not willingness to pay fine

How could not wanting to pay a traffic ticket fine twice be "disrespecting" others, as county administrator Gary Kubic said.

My dispute is with the records of the Beaufort County Magistrate's Court, not with the fact that I was ticketed for speeding nearly 14 years ago.

I appeared in court and was found guilty of speeding. The magistrate, with the approval of the patrol officer, reduced the fine, and I paid it. Failure to pay could have resulted in the suspension of my driver's license, which would have jeopardized my job.

I received a letter dated Oct. 15, from the Magistrate's Court. It indicated "the record had been corrected and accordingly no further action would be taken." The letter further stated I was "found guilty of speeding on Jan. 9, 1997, and was sentenced to one day in jail suspended."

This was absolutely the first time I had heard that.

Perhaps consideration should be given to suspending the debt-collection program, at least until it can be determined what year accurate record-keeping began in the Magistrate's Court.

Wendell PopeBeaufort