Letters to the Editor

Unemployment benefits hinder job-hunting efforts

On Sunday, the Packet had a Washington Post story stating that American workers are suffering a loss of jobs, while foreign workers are having no problem finding jobs.

Is the reason difficult to ascertain? I don't think so. Americans can collect unemployment insurance for almost two years and have no critical reason to accept another job during that time. Most unemployed Americans will not think of accepting menial jobs -- work that is considered demeaning and far below their station.

On the other hand, immigrants have no such protection; they work or they have no income. Also, they do not suffer from the exalted idea that actual labor is beneath their dignity, so they take jobs that are available.

If every unemployed American worker were required to accept jobs that they are physically capable of performing, or lose their unemployment benefits if they refuse, I suspect the unemployment rate would drop precipitously. There might even be some health benefits in performing some manual labor as opposed to watching TV all day.

Dan LandisHilton Head Island