Letters to the Editor

Let waste haulers help residents recycle

The recycling center on Shanklin Road has separate bins for newspapers, cardboard, magazines, tin

cans, plastics, clear glass, green glass, brown glass, yard trash, bagged household garbage and other.However, I am now getting old, so I am engaging a collection service. The trouble is that the Shanklin Road facility does not allow in commercial operations or contractors. So my service goes to the Hickory Hill Landfill in Jasper County, where I understand all trash, garbage, papers, plastics â€" everything â€" is dumped in all together.

If I could get my contractor to agree to separate my waste into all the proper categories, why wouldn't the county facility at Shanklin Road let him bring it in just as they let me bring it in? Same waste, just a different delivery boy.

Daniel H. DanielsBeaufort