Letters to the Editor

Networks show bias in campaign donations

An analysis of political contributions made in 2008 found that 88 percent of contributions from 1,160 employees at the three major TV networks went to Democratic candidates and campaign committees. What chance do their viewers have of learning about what is really going on in the political world? Several weeks ago, a letter writer commented about Republicans not having any solutions, of being the party of "no." The left has always commented negatively about Fox News, the tea party, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and any other non-left commentators or news organizations. If you just listen to those three networks, what are the odds that you will know the political facts? Additionally, in the left's mind, if Fox News presents something negative but true about President Barack Obama, Fox is biased. Did you know, for example, that the Oct. 2 rally in Washington was backed by La Raza, Code Pink and a multitude of socialistic and communist groups? One of the speakers was Van Jones, an acknowledged communist? I did not see anything about that in the national media. There must be a reason that Fox News is clobbering the other networks in the ratings. If it weren't so serious, if the very essence of our country wasn't in danger, we could just ignore these uninformed partisans and write them off as political Luddites. But they also have a stake in the future of this country and should not be so obtuse about sources of information. Opinions should be based on facts. Bill Covell Sun City Hilton Head