Letters to the Editor

Invectives don't help solve country's problems

I am deeply saddened as I read letter after letter from those on the political right who refer to those they disagree with as socialists, Marxists and communists. Apparently, they do not feel they can win a reasoned argument so they stoop to invective. Does that then justify liberals labeling the far right in a similar fashion, say as neo-fascists? No, because doing so would accomplish nothing except further polluting an already poisoned political environment. So what should be done? Perhaps we could actually try something different. We could try talking and, yes, even civilly arguing with one another on areas where we differ -- without the name calling, shouting and attempts at intimidation. Perhaps then we also could try something called compromise to deal with those areas and issues where we still disagree. Now wouldn't that be a novel concept, and who knows, it might actually help solve some of our country's problems. Dwight Wolf Hilton Head Island