Letters to the Editor

Obama should spend time, our money better

I might be a little old-fashioned but in my day, after a president was elected and took the oath of office, he took on the responsibility to govern for all the people, keep our country safe and follow the law of the land. Our Constitution protects each and every one of us. Now all I seem to be reading about is how President Barack Obama is off and running all over the land supporting fellow Democrats and advising the voters to put his backers in office. How are we supposed to trust our elected governing party when they only see the left side and not the entire population? The cost of Obama's trips is out of sight. The money could be spent to lower our deficits, which by the way, he blames on everyone else. When are we really going to see a true United States of America? My hope is that everyone will think of country first, politics last, and get out and vote from the heart. Alice Pollock Hilton Head Island