Letters to the Editor

Efficient government must be politicians' goal

When a politician, either Democrat or Republican, tells the voter to vote for him because he will "get big government off our backs," he is either lying or his elevator doesn't quite get to the top floor. Government is what we have imposed on ourselves for a better way of life. If we live in a gated community, we abide by its covenants, bylaws, rules and regulations. This also applies to those of us who reside in assisted-living facilities. All of this costs money -- call it what you will, dues, taxes, etc. Then comes the cost of town and city government, and we all strive for a pristine town or city (more taxes). Next, we must have a good county government (more taxes). Now we certainly want to maintain a good state government, or we never will have the things that come before it (more taxes). Finally, we must have a good federal government to protect all of the institutions under our Constitution. This, above all, takes more money (taxes). So who are we kidding? We'll never get government off our backs. However, we can demand more efficient government at every level. Efficiency doesn't appear to be a major goal for a politician. As for those who don't want government on their backs, try a tribe in Afghanistan or Africa and take self-serving politicians with you. Joseph C. Miller Hilton Head Island