Letters to the Editor

Air service critical to Hilton Head's future

My feelings on the Hilton Head Island Airport runway extension echo the statements in Stu Rodman's excellent letter published Tuesday. The people objecting to tree cutting and a little noise obviously do not use the airport and are still living 30 years in the past. All I can say to them and our town is to get your head out of the sand. Realize that times have changed, and if you want Hilton Head Island to attract tourists who become possible real estate buyers, let's provide the means for them to get here. If you want the area to die off, then leave the airport as is, but anyone in their right mind would not want that to happen. As to the noise, flights in and out of Hilton Head occur during normal hours. There are no middle-of-the-night flights. You get the sound for a few minutes during takeoff or landing. By the complaints, you would think the noise was 24/7. Marilyn Miller Hilton Head Island