Letters to the Editor

Say 'no' Tuesday to big government

I have in hand a notice from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration that says the agency has "issued a proposed interpretation to standards, which would define the word 'feasible' to reflect its plain meaning of 'capable of being done.'<2009>" The agency seems to be proud to announce that it agrees with the plain meaning of a word. Amazing. They further proclaim that this means the employer has to do whatever is "capable of being done" in the way of noise reduction "when the cost of implementing such controls will not threaten the employer's ty to remain in business." Evidently, it is up to the agency to decide what the cost would be for a business to "remain in business." Folks, this is big government at its most inane, and if you think it's not a good use of your tax dollars to study the definition of a commonly used word, then vote Tuesday for those who are anti-big government. Donna Starkey Beaufort