Letters to the Editor

Scripted campaign call prompts some questions

With the election just days away, readers will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that Democrat Rob Miller's campaign is using paid callers from Arizona to solicit votes from 2nd Congressional District voters in South Carolina.

As an unpaid volunteer for U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson's campaign who has made countless calls to the congressman's constituents urging support, it was surprising to receive the Miller campaign call from Arizona.

Upon answering the phone, the caller asked for my support of Miller. Interrupting the caller to ask her a few questions, such as Miller's position on Obamacare and the federal stimulus bill, I learned that the caller had no idea where Miller stood on these issues, or even that Wilson was Miller's opponent. I asked her why she was working for Miller, and she told me she was merely reading from a script she was handed. This prompted me to ask where she was calling from. She told me Arizona.

Were Miller to unseat Wilson, perhaps he would add constituent support services to his already outsourced campaign. Shanghai, Bangladesh or Bombay, anyone?

Charles MurphyBluffton