Letters to the Editor

Beaufort City Council has created a monster

I recently took my children downtown to play in Beaufort's lovely, and free, Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. We played, had lunch and shopped at several stores. When we returned to the car, I had a $10 parking ticket. When the new parking system first was instituted, my husband took our kids downtown for a carriage ride. It cost $18 in parking. There are such wonderful things to do in Beaufort, but we certainly can't afford them thanks to the parking restrictions. City Council created this monster. Now the council, supposedly elected to enact laws based on the wishes of constituents, has given over its elected authority to the private Beaufort Redevelopment Commission. If the council isn't going to be responsible for anything, then why do we elect and pay its members? How do we know this group of private people doesn't have vested interests in the real estate, businesses and developments of Beaufort? I am sickened by this, and I am frightened by visions of what will become of my beloved city. Lisa S. Perry St. Helena Island