Letters to the Editor

Parties must cooperate if country has a chance

The Republican Party is losing its way, as well as the respect it once had. During the Bush administration, we were led into a war that should never have happened. Wars tend to have a long life after they "end." Also they are so expensive. Our involvement with Iraq and Afghanistan have helped impoverish us. Wars also give the military industrial complex an excuse to sell great quantities of armaments. Since the armaments manufacturers are wealthy and powerful and can afford to lobby for whatever they want, they can convince our government to go on and on attacking our "enemies," sinking billions (actually trillions) into wars that make no sense. A president such as George W. Bush is their kind of man. During the last 12 to 18 years, this country lost more than 4 million jobs and thousands of industries to foreign countries, and this loss continues at a high rate. There are a number of ways that our Congress and presidents could have controlled this exodus. We may never again have full employment. We are in very dismal times. For the future of our country the Republicans must work with the Democrats to make corrections to past actions. We cannot count on people like Sen. Jim DeMint or the tea party to help save this country. Neither has the will nor the ability to lead our government. Alice King Hilton Head Island