Letters to the Editor

DeMint's party purity hurts GOP, America

Sen. Jim DeMint might prefer having only "true believers" as Republicans in Congress, but that is a prescription for permanent minority status for the Republican Party. The Republican Party needs to welcome all conservatives. Any voters and candidates who believe in either limited regulations, a strong national defense, fiscal discipline, low taxation, individual freedom, personal responsibility, family values, private enterprise or local control of education should find a welcome in the Republican Party Becoming a governing party requires welcoming moderate conservatives and not labeling them Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), driving them and independents away. Choosing the DeMint approach is to follow into irrelevance the Whig and Know-Nothing parties. The lesson for Republicans is that this is a center-right country and not a far right country. Solving the pressing problems facing America will require both Republican leadership and willingness to seek effective compromises. The lesson for all voters in this election is that a vote for any Democrat for Congress (regardless of campaign promises to the contrary) is a vote for the Pelosi-Reid-Obama far-left agenda. If the Democratic Party in the House has one more member elected than the Republicans, Nancy Pelosi will continue as speaker and will set the agenda. The same is true for Harry Reid or a look-alike in the Senate. Voters need to turn out to fire Pelosi and say no to Democrats taking the country over the cliff to bankruptcy and the end of the American dream for future generations. William T. Pendley Bluffton