Letters to the Editor

Democrats' party ends as voters head to polls

President Barack Obama's party is about to be buried by an avalanche of righteous indignation. Why? Because he is a radical socialist opposed to capitalism who apologizes for American history. He is systematically dismantling capitalist foundations, replacing it with socialism. History proves that socialism always fails because it runs out of other people's money. His $800 billion stimulus is a pathetic failure. Unemployment soared to 9.6 percent within 20 months. The deficit has exploded, plunging generations of Americans into debt. He promised great shovel-ready projects. Instead, billions were shoveled to unions, ACORN, solar and windmill fiascoes, Democratic piggy banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and bribes to pass Obamacare. The insatiable maw of big socialist government devours the country's treasure as Speaker Nancy Pelosi revels. Obama crippled oil, coal and natural gas production, pushes cap and trade, union card check, amnesty, sues Arizona and affords constitutional rights to jihadists, while backing a mosque near ground zero. His Justice Department drops a slam dunk case against Black Panthers who intimidate voters. Obamacare is a disastrous social and financial fraud. His claims that it would reduce costs insults our intelligence, but not the tort lawyers. The party's over. Deliverance begins Tuesday. Paul Williams Hilton Head Island