Letters to the Editor

Country can make it back to the top again

On Nov. 2, I urge you to vote and elect or re-elect our Democratic representatives, senators and local officials. We have to carry out our message of hope and change. I know that the change we were expecting has not come as early as desired. We have to realize that 21 months ago, our country was on the brink of bankruptcy and insolvency. We do not want to return to this situation. We do not want Social Security funding to be privatized, Medicare and Medicaid to be eroded. We do not want our financial institutions given back their power to make profits at any cost without regulation, as it was two years ago. No more bailout programs, which were initiated under Republican control. Let's pull together and continue the road to recovery. We need to help and encourage our American companies and businesses to create jobs in our country. Yes, they can and they will if we stop the political games that are being played right now by some extreme conservative groups who have no agenda except to divide us and promote a climate of fear, anger and intolerance. Our country can make it back to the top again. Let's all vote Tuesday. Joel Mallet Beaufort