Letters to the Editor

Corporations reap benefits while we all pay piper

I want to congratulate the Packet for its accurate depiction of our economy.

Your political cartoon in Saturday's issue says it all. The corporations that have reaped the benefits of the Bush tax cuts have done nothing to help create or maintain jobs. On the contrary, they've taken this money and given bonuses to their top executives while eliminating and outsourcing jobs. And we blame the government? How does one justify these actions?

It takes a certain lack of intelligence and common sense to blame those who have no say in the matter. The government can't decide who hires, who expands or who doesn't. They can eliminate tax breaks for those who give bonuses while eliminating or outsourcing jobs.

Come this election, use some logic in your choices. Look through all the rhetoric and deception. If it doesn't seem true, it's not. The problems stem from the Bush administration -- the tax breaks, the wars, the elimination of regulations that protected your money from the banks that gave it away. With Bush, even a Democratic Congress, couldn't help. The president's veto power and the lack of the two-thirds vote to override a veto made Congress useless. Google some of this stuff yourself. Don't get caught up in the deceptive campaign rhetoric.

Lucien PiccioliSun City Hilton Head